One 12" x 12" sheet of Styletech Holographic Opal Adhesive Vinyl

Styletech Holographic Opal is a permanent adhesive vinyl that will mesmerize you!  But these merely describe the array of colors you will discover in each of these color shifters!
If you want an entire spectrum of colors on one sheet of vinyl, opal is exactly what you need! The colors change as you move them around.

Opal vinyl, can be used for car decals, scrapbooking, signage, craft projects and more. Can be easily cut and applied allowing you to turn any flat or glass surface into a work of art. Angle the film to observe the rainbow effect that shows a different color. These really are Spectacular!

Opals can last outdoors up to 2 years

ALWAYS do a test cut in the corner before cutting your design.

Gold Opal - Styletech Holographic Opal Adhesive Vinyl