Add value to your fashion designs with the brilliant accent of reflective metals. The Super styles offer a slightly softer hand and stretchability.
Super Silver and Super Gold are Oeko-Tex Class II Certified Manufactured without the pressure-sensitive carrier for easy stacking. The Brilliant styles offer a smoother, chrome-like surface that are dimensionally stable.
Acceptable Fabrics Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Spandex , Lycra , Wool, Linen * * *Spandex and Lycra can be used ONLY using Super Colors Excluding Nylon
60° Blade Recommended, Cut this material in mirror image, 310°F - 330°F Firm, even pressure 10-15 Seconds - Peel Cold
Super Silver & Gold - Wash inside out, gentle cycle, cold water, tumble dry low. Suitable for dry-cleaning. All others - HAND WASH ONLY! To sublimate: Heat sublimation on top of already pressed vinyl at 390°F for 30 seconds *Paper heat settings may differ Special Precautions   Brilliant colors will not stretch or layer. Brilliant colors CAN be sublimated, excluding the Silver,  Gold, Light Gold & Rose Gold. Brilliant Rainbow is slightly translucent and will take on the color of the garment, especially black and dark garments.
Warning: Super Silver & Gold: In order to avoid any color fading after washing, you must press the material with silicone paper for an additional 3 seconds, if not, the washing resistance is considerably reduced, therefore any claims regarding color fading WILL NOT be acknowledged in the future.

Brilliant Rainbow Opaque 12" x 19.5"